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Eye Sight

The Eye Examination

Your Eye examination will take approximately 25 minutes and will be carried out by one of our qualified Optometrists who will be pleased to answer any questions that you might have.

At the start of the examination the Optometrist will discuss with you: -

?Any concerns that you may have concerning your eyes or your vision

?Any symptoms that you are having

?Your visual needs in relation to your work, hobbies and lifestyle

During the examination the Optometrist will determine the general condition of your eyes. A full range of tests and procedures will be carried out which will include:

?The examination of both the interior and exterior of the eye and the lids

?If you are over the age of 40 the pressure inside the eye will be examined

?Where necessary your field of vision will be checked

?Your standard of vision both without spectacles and with any existing spectacles will be measured

?Using a combination of instruments and lenses we will determine if an optical prescription is required

?This result will be refined by asking you which lenses give you the best standard of vision

?The way in which your eyes work together will be assessed The option of Fundus Photography to accurately record and measure the critical back retina area (£10 surcharge applicable)

At the end of the examination when all the relevant tests have been completed the Optometrist will: 


?Explain the results of the examination and advise you on whether or not a new or changed prescription is required.

?Advise you on appropriate spectacle and contact lenses for your individual requirements

?Recommend when you should have your next examination

?Answer any questions you may have?Issue you with a prescription for spectacles if these are required.

Our professional care does not finish at the end of the eye examination

?Following your eye examination one of our Dispensing Opticians will advise you on the various ways we can satisfy your optical requirements according to you lifestyle. This will include, not only, differing designs of spectacle lenses and frames but also contact lenses and sunglasses

?If at any time you have concerns about your eyes or your vision our professional staff will be pleased to give you the appropriate advice and help

Common eye problems lead us to seek out the advice of an Optometrist for an eye examination. .This is a vital health check and should be part of everyone's normal health regime. Here are 5 important reasons to have a regular examination:

1-Unlike your teeth, your eyes do not usually hurt when there is something wrong.

2-The eye examination can pick up early signs of potentially blinding eye conditions, such as glaucoma.The earlier a problem is detected the greater the chance of successful treatment. This is particularly true for young children and the elderly.

3-The eye examination can also detect a number of other underlying health problems, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

4-For young people, good eyesight is vital for learning. An eye examination will detect any problems in sight which may be affecting school performance.

5-Poor eyesight is dangerous. Make sure that you meet the legal requirement for driving.

Unless otherwise advised you should have an eye examination every two years. It may be necessary to have examinations more frequently depending on your age and medical history.

What does an Eye Examination Cost?

Many people are entitled to a NHS sight test for which there is no charge. You may be one of them.

Check the following list to see if you are entitled to a free examination provided by the NHS. If so, you may also be entitled to a voucher to offset the cost of any spectacles or contact lenses prescribed

Children under 16 or under 19 still in full-time education

People of 60 years and older

Those who receive, or whose partner recieves, income support, income-based jobseeker's

allowance or pension credit guarantee credit


Glaucoma sufferers

People aged 40 or over with a close relative who has or has had glaucoma

People advised by an ophthalmologist that they are at risk of glaucoma

Those who are registered blind and partially sighted

People entitled to NHS complex lens vouchers

Those entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS tax credit certificate or named on a valid HC2 certificate

If your doctor has referred you to a hospital to have an eye examination it will always be free.

If you think you may qualify for a free eye examination, pick up the leaflet HC11 - Are you entitled to help with health costs? This is available from optometrists, post offices, social security offices, NHS hospitals and your local GP surgery.

If you are not eligible for a NHS eye test, the cost of a private eye examination is £25.00. Tel 01952 249500 to make an appointment.

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