GOOGLE GLASS - Heads up Display Wearable Technology

google glass

What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable technology leverages the digital world by enhancing a person's behaviours, actions and experiences in the real world. Devices range from smart glasses, to smart watches, to smart apparel to even health monitoring bracelets and contact lenses that all aim to improve a user's quality of life. Appealing to predominantly under 45 year olds, the Worldwide Market Growth in Revenue is growing rapidly from the current $1.4 billion in 2014, to an estimated $50 billion by 2018.

What are Smart Glasses?

Smart glasses are a wearable technology device that brings data and internet access from a wearer's computer or smartphone into their field of vision through a transparent heads-up display (HUD) using Google Glass.


With all functionality and usability displayed through the HUD, the need for prescription lenses is critical. Without corrective lenses for these devices, many users cannot fully experience smart glasses technology. We are now able to supply the Smart Frames in a choice of eight models and eleven colours. Smart Lenses in Hi-index (thinner) materials, SV, Bifocal and Progressive Lens Designs, Tinted, Photochromic or clear!!

Lens Benefits

Smart Gold Lens benefits to the wearer include reduced eye strain and eye fatigue when looking at Head Up Display (HUD).

Digitally surfaced so that the quality and accuracy of the prescription is uniquely customized to each person.

Google Glass Smart Frame Technology available in Wellington, Telford.

Obtain your Google Glass and then bring it to us for it to be fitted to a Smart Frame of your choosing. Tel 01952 249500 for more details.