Primary Early Assessment Referral Service (PEARS)

Perhaps you wish to see clearly without the aid of spectacles or contact lenses...Or, maybe, you want to boost your appearance and self confidence. If so, Ultralase can help. They offer a large range of laser surgery and vision correction problems. We recommend Ultralase, the UK's leading specialists in laser eye treatment. They were the first and longest-established provider in the UK and have been treating patients since 1991. They are the only laser eye provider to offer a Lifetime Care Guarantee.

* Gold standard technology for superior outcomes

* Affordable Payment plans

Our principal optometrist, Dr Toni L Jones, is qualified to provide pre-surgical advice and post surgical aftercare for Ultralase, the laser eyecare specialists. If you wish to discuss the options available to you, you can make an appointment on a Monday,Tuesday or Friday with Dr Jones at the practice.

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